1. What does the service Cost?

There are multiple package to Choose From. We can bring in as little as 5,000 connections all the way up to 30,000 Targeted connections. Bottom line our service in the short and long run will cover itself.

2. How long does it take to get the connections?

You will start seeing solid results within literally the first week. Its critical the results are targeted to you’re specific needs. On average we will add 1-2 connections a week.

3. Do I need to give you access to my linkedin account?

YES, its easier to work directly from your account and faster. 99% give us access. For whatever reason if you are not comfortable we can create a new account build it up then do a merger with your

4. Does any of this violate any terms and conditions of linkedin?

No, ZERO – The entire concept of linkedin is to allow people to connect. Everything we do is in full best practices and we have never had a single issue and or incident

5. How many connections can I have on linkedin?

The maxium connections is 30,000

6. Can you handle multiple exec in our company at the same time?

Yes, we have complete bandwith and an entire team to handle large amount of exeuctives at the same time.

7. Can you also get me their information in excel?

Yes, we can create an excel spreadsheet with all the information as needed.

8. Do you offer other marketing services and consulting services?

YES, we can do email marketing, Clean data, Create mailing lists, SMS texting, We can create Email Copy, We also have our own services that are white listed to send large quantities of emails.

9. Is there a referral program in place?

No refererral program in place but we can customize packages

10. Who are the top competitors in this space?

It is safe to say we are the only company that works our platform in his manner in the U.S.

11. What happens if we do not see the amount of connections we desire in a month?

We will offset with addtional connections to make sure we hit the mark.

12. Do I recieve a dedicated account manager to help me build my connections?

Yes, each client will have an Ambassador to assist with the building your connections.

13. Why you and not the competition?

Our creative packages to build connections, provide data, lead gen, social building on the stock and cash side is not one of the many reasons we are ahead of the competition.

14. Do I need to sign an agreement to use your services?

Yes. Every new client will sign a one page agreement for services being rendered.

15. How do the analytics or reports work to measure growth with your services?

The dedicated Ambasador along with our data team will provide a breakdown of all the services you have paid for and breakdown the analytics so you can see and measure the growth weekly and monthly.

16. Is there a gurantee Policy

Our gurantee – Take to the bank we will 100% complete whatever package you sign up for. We will stay in touch almost daily if need be to make sure you have the an amazing experience with our service

17. What is the onboarding Process?

We will sit down with you and go over exactly what you are trying to accomplish. We will also send you a simple onboarding form that will take 5 mins to complete.